Welcome to the On Line re-evaluation for FAI/IPC Judges

The Judges sub-committee of the IPC has created an On Line Judges Re-evaluation. This re-evaluation have to be supervised by a judge appointed by the judges committee, and will only be availabe at agreed date.

The re-evaluation is divided into the different disciplines. You select discipline at the end of this page. 

For the written tests you submit your answers direct on line. For disciplines with a practical part, you download a score sheet, fill in you scores and e-mail your score sheet to an designated e-mail, given to you from your examiner.

Criteria for Evaluation of Judges

The Evaluation of each judge will be made against the definitive result/score.

The evaluation in all disciplines will include an open-book exam on the content of the Sporting Code and relevant Competition Rules. The evaluation will take place under the supervision of the Chief of Judge Training, will be limited to two hours and a least 90% of the questions must be answered correctly in order to achieve a passing grade.

Minimum Evaluation Standards

Freefall Style, Formation Skydiving, Canopy Formation and the Artistic Events

The evaluation shall be made using a minimum of 30 jumps.

To achieve a pass on their evaluation skills in FS or CF each judge’s evaluation must agree with 80% of the definitive result/scores penalties.  In addition the total number of points per jump scored must agree with the definitive result/scores in at least 90% of the jumps viewed.

For FS and CF no more than 20% of each judges’ evaluation may disagree with the definitive result/scores penalties.

For Style where the definitive result/score assesses a penalty, the judges under evaluation must show 100% agreement with that definitive result/score. An agreement is defined as a penalty assessment equal to the definitive result/score or an assessment that is one penalty step above or below the definitive result/score. Where the definitive result/score is the lowest penalty step then a no penalty assessment is also an agreement.

For AE the judges under evaluation must score each jump within one point of the definitive results/score.

Evaluation in Accuracy Landing and Canopy Piloting

The Evaluation will be carried out during a competition under the control of the Chief of Training Judges.

You need to have an internet connection during the whole re-evaluation, since all re-evaluations is on line. You also need to have Flash Player istalled. To do the re-evaluation you can use Internet Explorer or Safari, it is not available on Google Chrome.