On Line - Judge Training Course


The Judges Subcommittee of the IPC has created an On Line Judging Course. This course is designed as an introduction to judging.  The course is constantly undergoing changes, updates and being expanded - it is not designed to be studied in isolation.   The course is designed to augment training which is available and provided by NAC's in their own countries, not to replace it. However, where none is available Nationally, this course will enable trainee judges to achieve a basic standard.

The course is divided into sections.  The first part covering the Rules and Regulations that govern all disciplines.

The second part of the course divides into individual disciplines.

We no longer load video's onto the site as all the electronic quipment providers have excellent web-sites where you can find videos of all the recent competitions, along with results sheets, and where appropriate, dive sheets. Check out www.omniskore.com and www.nspace.co.za/intime.

There is a question bank of 60 question in each discipline, 20 of these will be randomly selected each time you start the quiz.

The Re-evaluation section is password protected and here you can do a re-evaluation supervised by a judge appointed by the judges committee, and will only be availabe at an agreed date.

Any comments or suggestions would be welcomed by the Judges committee.  Please direct these via the FAI e-mail to the Judges.

You need to have an internet connection, since all courses are on line. You also need to have Flash Player istalled. To do the course you can use Safari or Google Chrome.